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Sadashige "Sada" Irie

Daikin America, Inc.

Automotive Technical Marketing Leader




Introduction of Detroit Automotive Innovation Center

Detroit Automotive Innovation Center:

Providing OEM and Tiers innovative material solutions

What is the role of the center and type of production (OEM, auto, analysis equipment etc.)?

The Detroit Automotive Innovation Center (DAIC), opened on November 6th, 2017, is the home of Daikin’s automotive activity in the United States, offering both OEM and Tier suppliers innovative material solutions, along with technical support and material analysis, providing quick and concise results.

Can you share some details about the center’s capacity and equipment?

Is it at full capacity, and if not, when can this be expected?

The DAIC is located at 28317 Beck Rd., Suite E2, Wixom, Michigan 48393 and is currently at full capacity.  The center has a capacity of 2940 square feet with equipment such as a Pyrolysis GC/MS, Microscopic FTIR and Optical Microscope.


Why this center was built in this specific location? How has it added value in terms of production and support provided before its creation?

We established the DAIC in Detroit, MI, the birthplace of the automobile and the automotive industry.  As the automotive industry changes, Detroit merges the traditional with the revolutionary. Daikin understands the challenges of new mobility and promotes innovation through development and partnership with key industry leaders. Daikin’s Technical Lead, Director Sada Irie, heads an automotive team tackling those challenges. Our Detroit-based location facilitates real-time, comprehensive idea exchange and co-development with industry leaders, consortiums and universities. Establishing a state-of-the-art lab at Detroit’s Automotive Innovation Center enables on-site material analysis for root cause analysis, and the ability to qualify leading edge materials for emerging applications.

How does this innovation center help Daikin deploy the best support for automotive suppliers? What is the benefit for automotive suppliers?

The DAIC fosters communication and collaboration between our customers and our Daikin automotive team . We work closely with OEM and Tier engineering and R&D departments to enhance current products and to develop new solutions for future automotive challenges.

As the automotive industry experiences dramatic changes driven by CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electrified), Daikin solutions promote design flexibility, making future mobility a reality. Daikin’s performance chemicals enable solutions for mobility challenges that enhance system robustness, efficiency, and thermal stability. These include additives and components supporting:

  • - High capacity batteries for extended range
  • - Low dielectric materials enabling 5G electronics, cabling, and connectors
  • - Easy clean surfaces for fabrics, leather, touchscreens, glass, and plastics
  • - High temperature, low friction, and low permeation materials for seals, gaskets, and tubing

Daikin is committed to developing new, differentiated solutions for the rapidly changing world and the road ahead.

Are there any barriers in supporting automotive companies and is the center helping to cope with them?

The DAIC drives innovation and developments from our labs to our customers.  It launches Daikin’s work with innovative outside test facilities. It also enables our automotive team to quickly provide material samples to the entire supply chain, from direct customers to end users. This hands-on approach ensures success at each step of the process - from research and development to production. Drawing upon Daikin’s vast internal capabilities and those of our partners, we are able to serve the evolving needs of the automotive industry.

Daikin America, Inc.  Daikin Automotive Innovation Center

Address: 28317 Beck Rd., Suite E2, Wixom, Michigan 48393





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